If you have a study room and want to participate in the next edition of the Solidarity Olympiad, you just have to register with the name of your room or institution and pay the solidarity participation fee.

By participating in this initiative, you will provide a space where your solidarity students can convert their study hours into euros, allowing many boys and girls to access a dignified education. Additionally, you will contribute to the formation of a globally engaged citizenship committed to poverty eradication and human development, raising awareness about the importance of access to basic and professional education.

I want to register my Room!

List of rooms

Name Province Room mailing address Capacity Country Hours contributed
Casa de la Juventud Ayuntamiento de Pamplona Navarra C/ Sangüesa, 30 Icono de capacidad 32 ES - España 1149
Asociación Antares Valladolid calle María de Molina 9, 2º Icono de capacidad 16 ES - España 16
Colegio Mayor San Juan de Ribera Valencia/València Plaza San Juan de Ribera 6 Icono de capacidad 18 ES - España 525
Biblioteca Municipal de Tarazona Zaragoza C/Virgen del Río, 3 2ª planta Icono de capacidad 70 ES - España 1515.25
Biblioteca IES Comercio Rioja, La Paseo Prior 97 Icono de capacidad 20 ES - España 55
Biblioteca Villamediana de iregua Rioja, La Escuelas s/n Icono de capacidad 40 ES - España 201
Biblioteca Municipal de La Almunia de Doña Godina Zaragoza C/ San Juan, 12 Icono de capacidad 50 ES - España
Colegio Mayor Roncesvalles Navarra avenida Sancho el fuerte, número 1 Icono de capacidad 50 ES - España 1236