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voluntario de la olimpiada solidaria
Objetivos OSE de la Olimpiada Solidaria

Organizing the Study Solidarity Olympics requires a lot of work and effort. We need supportive and responsible people willing to dedicate part of their time and energy to help us in the organization and monitoring of the Olympiad.

Traditionally, the student associations and volunteer groups of the Universities have collaborated with us.

But the main volunteers of the Study Solidarity Olympiad are those in charge of the libraries who in each room are personally involved so that the activity goes ahead successfully: they are in charge of publicizing the activity on their social networks, monitoring the room at established times to control the count of hours and participants and, finally, upload this data to the control panel of the website or have them scan the QR of their room. They have all our thanks and admiration.

There are three ways to volunteer at the Study Solidarity Olympics

  • If you are the director, person in charge, responsible for a study room (it can be a public library, school, institute, hall of residence...) you can register it as a solidarity room and take responsibility for the Olympiad taking place in this room.
  • If you are an association or volunteer office and you are interested in joining the Olympiad by organizing yourself at your university, institute, college.
  • If you are over 18 years of age and want to commit yourself a little more to the Olympiad, you can go to one of the participating rooms in your city and collaborate with the room manager.

Become a volunteer

If you are among any of these three groups, write to us at