Become a voluntary room

Inscribirse como sala solidaria en la Olimpiada Solidaria

What does it mean to be a solidarity study room?

Study rooms from clubs, associations, libraries, universities, institutes, schools, non-regulated teaching centers, socio-cultural centers, university residences, etc., can participate.

Requirements to become a solidarity study room:

  • Confirm interest in participating in the Solidarity Study Olympiad with the organization.
  • Complete the data form and register the room on the website, a mandatory step without which there would be no record of its participation in the Olympiad. (You can do it on the study rooms page)
  • Pay the registration fee, which varies depending on the type of institution.
  • Make one or more study rooms available to the Olympiad from January 15th to February 15th. In the case of official educational centers (Primary, Secondary, High School), the Olympiad's schedule should preferably be non-teaching, i.e., outside mandatory study hours.
  • Have a responsible person for the activity: the room manager, a teacher, or a volunteer, who motivates students to donate their study hours, monitors participation, and interacts with the Solidarity OLYMPIAD organizers. In general, their role is to ensure the smooth running of the Olympiad in their room.

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